I’m not the strongest of people
My heart breaks too easily
My eyes fill up faster than it takes to stop the flow
My mood constantly dangling between pitch blackness and grey
My head like a packed club house
Forever loud up there
living with caution
Fear clouding my every move

I’m not the most perfect of people
I have my insecurities
My flaws and all
Huge Walls around my weakness
Smiles hiding my pain.
My mind filled with words unsaid

I’m not the best of people
Burning bridges my forte
My anger like a natural disaster
Unpredictable and uncontrollable
Train wreck waiting to happen

But Despite my shortcomings.
I’m the most loved of people
Loved with a love too great to be explained
Unconditional, unlimited and complete love
His love encircles me
His love gives me the strength to carry on
His love gives me the grace to be better
I’m perfect in his eyes.
Yes. His love makes me whole

Thank You Lord For loving me


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