Boarding School

In my JSS3 mind ,Boarding school was the coolest thing ever.. Still think its cool tho
You see I had two siblings already in a boarding school *the Great federal Government college,Lagos A.K.A IJanikin and they always came back with these awesome tales of their various exploits with seniors and school life generally.
It was always highly amusing and I always felt like I was missing out on something.
I wanted in too..
Fortunately, my dad also thought I needed to get in too. His reason bin that boarding school life will curb my canterkerous and recalcitrant nature (the exact words he used, my people I tire mehn, only me all this grammar. God dey 😦 ) and will also help me learn to be independent so I went for the entrance exam into ss1.
Somehow, somehow I sha got in (¬_¬).
I remember my first day in hostel. Lol. I was in extension dorm, same dorm as my elder sister who was in ss2 then.. I was in ss1
I made friends with the other new girls, we were an awkward pair.. Lol
The next morning, we were given our duties.. My sigh of relief when the toilet duty was given to someone else was audible. My Job was to sweep and polish the hostel prefects shoe in d morning -_____-
Dining times were fun too.The constant bread and egg in the morning except well sundays I think were we had akara. I remember how we used to massacre the food *no time* if you aren’t fast, you might not see food to eat.
I never drank their watery tea.
I can’t forget their dining hall prayer “for the food we are about to eat we thank you oh Lord”
Some experiences I won’t forget are when ss3 girls made us pack refuse *yuck* I smelt like dog poo that day.
I had my sister & a school mother in ss2, cousin in ss3 so I wasn’t picked on so much and when on assembly one morning, they brought out a student that stole the bread for breakfast like 10 or so. They piled it on his hands in front of the whole school and flogged him or is it the blind student that picked locks and stole textbooks..*some gangster things mehn* and the day a boy dressed as a girl and came into girls prep class at night..
Also one faithful morning I woke up,had my bath and proceeded to dress for school, only to discover that my stockings were nowhere to be found.. :O :O *my first stolen item* I sha wore socks to school that day *dont ask how, trust me you don’t wanna know*
It was fun mehn..
But I dey sign attendance for sick bay die sha, I always had one ache or the other.
Sadly, I only spent like a term there… Not because I couldn’t survive or stuff.. Don’t ask why.. I just didn’t.
Wondering why I’m reminiscing about my short lived I.J (ijanikin) life? My junior sister is presently in fGC enugu and she has come back with her own Just took me back to my own experience.


9 thoughts on “Boarding School

  1. Hahaha I love this piece. Sad I never went to boarding house though but I’ve heard lots of stories about it and this confirmed some of them 🙂 keep writing!

  2. Loooooooooooooooool. What an experience! I always wanted to go to a boarding school too during my secondary school days but, my dad never agreed to that. Though I stay in school hostel now in the university. It’s a lot of fun. Thank God I aint missing out.
    Looking forward to your next post with PICTURES please.
    Stay easy


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