Day One – O & G

Walking the short distance from the bus stop to my house today, I can just imagine what people are thinking..
“Oh! She looks even more lifeless today,never taught that was possible. Wow!”
And I won’t blame them, cos I actually feel that way..
So, we just started our basic clinical skills in school. Basically, it is to familiarize us with hospital procedures and stuff. They share us into groups and we get posted to different units and spend three days in each unit.
I was posted to obstetrics and gynaecology (O & G), and the main clinical ish was to start today.
We had already bin told countless times, that we are to be strictly on corporate from now on 😦
I have decided to document my day to day experience as a clinical student. The stressful days and the exciting events that occur in my postings.

I left my house this morning with no idea whatsoever of what today’s posting was gonna be like. I only hoped for the best..
We assembled at the O&G section of the A&E ward and were immediately divided and assigned to a consultant doctor..
My consultant didn’t waste time in firing us questions.. Lool, and we were just sha looking.. He tackled me for not having my name tag on ☹ :|,
Today was a very stressful day..
We were at it from 9am- 1pm, 2pm -5pm , standing all day long. Imagine my agony when they said we were also to come back for a tutorial by 6pm .chei!!
I got to clerk a patient (like ask em questions. history taking ish) and was also opportuned to see an MVA (manual vacuum aspiration ) bn performed.. Its what you do when you get an abortion, but in this case the woman had a miscarriage and they wanted to remove blood from her womb.
It was an eeewish procedure (cos I was staring at her open genital for quite a while and for someone like me that even the sight of naked girls in hostel isn’t something I’m fond of.. I hate it. You can therefore imagine how I felt)
Shet! I saw the cervix, you know where the baby comes out is sooo tiny….got me scared of child birth:( and the vagina :(… Let’s just say I’m scared of a lot of things now 😐
Well, apart from the standing for a long time and the female doctor who came to harass us by complaining about everything from how we are not meant to wear bright coloured shoes to how we want to expose our gluteus muscles (ass) for all the married doctors *omo, I tire mehn* , it was okay .
Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful *yeah right!! The worst is yet to come sef* lol…
So frigging tired, just wanted to finish this before I doze off..
Do visit tomorrow ,please. :)..
Theinz ,
:* :*

Stay Sane

Stay Sane

Stay Sane


6 thoughts on “Day One – O & G

  1. Wow…rili interesting, normally I wud love 2 experience the MVA buh after ur explaination…naah..not interested. Jst kip doin’ wat u do best…the picture of a bright future make tins lot better.

  2. Med student life can b extremely tiring. I comfort myself by dreaming of when I become a consultant, cos that’s when d fun begins. Lol

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