Annie was fuming, she had just had another argument with him.. Damn him to hell and Back, she screamed to no one in particular. She loved seun so much, but she was tired! Enough!!!it wasn’t his fault tho. God why does he have to be so hard to love?

It was a hot afternoon, lectures were over and everyone was heading back to their hostels.
Seun was fagged out, he couldn’t understand how the sun could be so damn hot!
All he wanted to do was get to his room and sleep off.
It was in this frantic state of hurry that he collided with Annie…..
Sweet,sexy Annie that later became his ‘ , He smiled even in his reverie.
Another memory flickered in his head, & a smile crossed his face.
It was their first time together, she was a little shy it been her first time with anyone.
When their lips joined,he knew it was meant to be,they were meant to be. That wonderful night of passion, moving his tongue down her perfect frame, exploring every inch, her hands on him,killing him with every touch. They came together,it was beautiful ….*sigh*

They were perfect ……that was till the mood swings started.
He hit her that night and that was the first of many.
Most times he was his normal self excessively so, other times he got so withdrawn and wouldn’t see anyone for days, that was still acceptable compared to the violent fits he had.
He didn’t mean to, didn’t want to hurt her. He loved her too much. but he couldn’t control it.

It was much later that she came to know he had a mood disorder.
Cyclothymia, the doctors had called it.
Annie didn’t understand how someone so wonderful could be blessed with such a curse.
At first she was determined to stay,hopeful that her love will be sufficient. Then he became physical.
The arguments were the worst. Over things like his medications and then he would hit her. Uugh!!!

Those lovely brown eyes that she loved looking into, she could see them now even as she wrote the letter. The letter she was so sure will break him into tiny bits. She was leaving, she had to..she just had to..
That night she shed a million tears, for a love so complicated ….

Cyclothymia is a mood and mental disorder in the bipolar spectrum that causes both hypomanic and depressive episodes.
Unlike some other forms of bipolar disorder ,people with cyclothymia are often either somewhat or fully functioning.
This disorder is common in the relatives of patients with bipolar disorder, and some individuals with cyclothymia eventually develop bipolar disorder themselves. It may persist throughout adult life, cease temporarily or permanently, or develop into more severe mood swings.
Symptoms of the dysthymic phase include self-destructive thinking, continuously feeling sad, apathy, irritability, quick temper, poor judgment, lack of motivation, social withdrawal etc
Symptoms of the euphoric phase include euphoria, inflated self-esteem, rapid speech, racing thoughts, aggressive or hostile behavior, being inconsiderate of others, agitation, risky behavior.

Stay Sane


5 thoughts on “BIPOLAR

  1. Its show love doesn’t conquer all d time or their love wasn’t strong enogh…dis shd pop as a movie or a play….the girl literaLly did d best tin cos dipolar ppl can snap in a second nd do shit ,even kill sef nd not knowing what they done until after

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