Happy New Year Peeps!

I guess its the norm to wish everyone a happy new year, christmas, month.. E.t.c
So, here I am to do just that..
But for reals, I am not exactly crazed about it. I mean everybody’s getting all happy,popping champagne,throwing banger and all but *shrugs* I dunno what happened to my festive spirit.
To me its just another day, except when I write my date its no longer 2011 but 2012.
I really have no festive spirit at all.. Sad?? Yes? No? *still can’t be bothered tho*
Actually the new year just brings closer the date of my professional exam, the almighty “PROS” O:).
I’m thankful to God for seeing I, my friends and family safely to a new year tho .
I can’t thank him enough mayne! #Baba God noni!!!!!
2011 brought its own special highs and lows. I mean, I officially became a model 2011 😀 Great stuff !!! But then I officially became heart broken in 2011 😦 #shit happens.
I just hope 2012 brings in great stuffs for me! Definitely more fashion shows,photo shoots 😀 and also hopefully “Love”! 😐 X_X
So that’s it!
Happy new year to the Amazing friends I have,
To the Amazing people I met last year @lilmisfly @dhooreez @CEOximenda, To the Amazing people that read my blog and don’t comment *abeg try drop comment nah :(* ,
To my Amazing family,
To Omiete-Charles Davies And finally To every Nigerian!!!!
:* Yall are blessed!!!!


17 thoughts on “Happy New Year Peeps!

  1. U hav a blog! Girl I no knw na! Nice! Lik I said b4 don’t stay dwn! And girl who be dat maga wey break ur hrt tell me my boys r ready to break legs o! Love ya!

    1. @olatoxic, thank you 😀 .yaay!
      @mariam.. Well, yeah I do. And keep calm woman.lol. You either lose or win in Love.no biggie.. No break anybody head biko :*
      @saga… Thanks :*
      @AkinT. Lol.thankyou for commenting o jare :* :*

  2. I really donot know what to write and I also don’t wanna seem silly too cos dis ma first tym doin dis. Anywyz 2011 was a year indeed. In 2011 I got to know who ma true fwends were. Had a major setbck n just a few ppl, undastood wt it was like. It wuz ndeed a tryin period fr me. And some ppl mocked me to ma face, some said sowi n still had a good laff @ ma back. Well its all good tho. Its almost ova now n 2012 s def ma year. N I just realised dt d LESS I GIVE A FCUK D BETA FOR ME. afterall You Only Live Once.

  3. N dis new years’ message is straight from the heart. Thnx hun. M glad d@ ur highs of 2o11 topped d lows n I love d@ ur strong n optimistic….watchn out 4u in 2012. Happy nu year. *big HUG*

  4. Lovely! lovely blog!! Girl let me clear u somtin, u re born to be gr8, so utilise what u have around u to exibit ur goals….but remember, they will be barriers awaiting U but you keep ur dream alive and stay focus, cos being focus is the way to success. Swt hrt U will find ur true love okey! Shit happens…

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