Out of Place

Perhaps I stepped into the wrong universe

Crowded room.
Happy faces.
So much joy and laughter.

I should feel it too
But no. All I feel is doom

Finally spot the reason I’m here

Can’t shake off this feeling.
Outsider outsider

He hasn’t changed much.
Deeper furrows line his Forehead
The same great hug

But I Still can’t shake off the feeling.
The voices. Forget it. Give it up

The same words I repeat to myself everyday
My personal mantra

I feel it from somewhere within
The urge to run is becoming stronger

Flee flee. You don’t belong here.
Maybe if I walk straight, they won’t notice that I don’t belong

I stood half a chance
Wonder what made me believe I could do this

Finally, I can’t stand it anymore
The voices in my head screaming at highest pitch
Outsider outsider

So I flee from it all.
Just keep walking. Yes that’s it.
Fresh air finally. I can breathe now

But not for long.
Silent sobs
Threatening to let loose
Increased pace.
Got ta escape.
Find release.

what’s the problem sister?

The cab man’s voice brings me back